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15 Minutes Of Game – Nick Margerison, Charlie Kenihan, Lise Leitner

Recently, I had the fortune to talk with some developers from the local game development studio, 15 Minutes Of Game. Specifically, I talked to Nick Margerison (Technical Director, Co-Founder), Charlie Kenihan (Creative Director, Co-Founder) and Lise Leitner (Marketing & Community Management). You can find their official website here.

This was done for one of my Journalism subjects at Swinburne University, The assignment only required three minutes. I got far more interesting material than what I could put into the assignment- I got around an hour and a half worth of discussion, about everything from the local industry, to the studio’s experience in developing it’s games, and the diversity that is present in the industry.

For the purposes of my assignment, I am required to upload the 3 minute cut required by them here on In The Arcade, as it is my online portfolio. However, I plan to upload a seperate cut, which is so far mid-way through editing, on this page in the next week or so. So for the time being, treat the 3 minute cut as a very small teaser of what is to come.

Update (19 April 2021):
The full, edited cut has now been released. It took much longer than I thought it would, but I am happy to say it is complete and done. Due to the limitations of In The Arcade’s file hosting however, I’ve had to host it externally on Google Drive. The download link below will take you to the file, and from there you can choose to either listen to it right there and stream it, or download the 116MB file in it’s entirety.

The University Assignment/3 Minute Cut with Nick Margerison –


The Full One-Hour & Twenty Minutes Cut with Nick Margerison, Charlie Kenihan & Lise Leitner –

Download Or Stream Here


And for those of you who want to learn more about 15 Minutes Of Game’s works, the links below take you to their trailers.

I Want To Go To Mars Trailer

Trash Teaser Trailer

I Want To Go To Mars is out now on Google Play, and Trash’s Public Demo is currently planned to be released later this year. The information on these games can also be found on 15 Minutes Of Game’s website, specifically on the pages for “I Want To Go To Mars” and “Trash” .

Image Source: Trash’s Press Kit

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