Mini-Video Essay – Mad Max (1979) is an Australian Gothic Horror Film

The following video was produceed as part of my Bachelor of Media and Communication, for an elective called The Australian Screen.

This essay is protected under Fair Dealing clauses of the Copyright Act 1968. As a work made for Study and Review, this video’s use of footage from Mad Max (1979) is covered by Fair Dealing. Furthermore, Fair Dealing under the reason of Study requires that no more than 10% of the original work is used; almost seven minutes of footage is used, sometimes covered by other parts of the video such as voice overs and qoutations. Mad Max (1979) runs for a total of 93 minutes, making the seven minutes of footage used here as equating to 7.5% of the original work. This rule of using less than 10% of a work was also adhered to for the other sources in this work.
Additionally, consider that this video does not erase the market for viewers to watch this film. This video talks about events in the film, but through an academic lens. No-one who wants to watch or experience Mad Max (1979) is likely to exlusively watch this seven-minute video essay, over purchasing and watching the film itself.

On top of that, it is worth noting that this video was never monetised by me, and has already been copyright claimed on youtube by MGM and Warner Brothers, who have chosen to monetise the video themselves. I do not earn any money whatsoever from any ads you may see on this video.

If you wish to learn more about Fair Dealing laws in Australia, you can do so, here.
All sources at the timestamp of 6:36 are cited using the APA citation method.

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