Close Up Of Maeskye Trigg Under A Streetlight

Collection of Miscellaneous Photographs

At Swinburne University, I study a Bachelor of Media & Communication, majoring in Journalism and Video Games. As part of my journalism major, I was recently required to shoot a collection of photos using a Canon EOS 600D camera. This included two close ups, an extreme close up, a wideshot, an extreme wideshot, a low angle shot, a shot attempting negative space and a shot containing frozen motion.

Due to the current hosting limitations I have with WordPress, these photos are not accessible here. Instead, they can be seen on Imgur here.

If you are curious about the model in my photos, that would be my sister Maeskye Trigg, a graphic artist that takes commissions on her personal website and sells her art via redbubble. If you like her in these photos, you can go and support her at either her website or her redbubble.

Featured Image: My sister posing for the 2nd close up image, viewable in the imgur link.

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