Under Watch – A Game I Helped Make

Earlier this year I worked on a browser-based game called Under Watch for my Bachelor of Media and Communication.

The game was designed to be a browser-based scavenger hunt game, where players would be tasked with taking photos of real-life locations and objects, before uploading them to the game’s website. Each photo that fitted a given criteria was accepted by the game, and the player was awarded points that went towards a leaderboard. The game was iterated upon over two weeks, but was in development for a month before it’s limited launch. Although we were happy with our game, the servers have been shut down. Ultimately, Under Watch was a game made for a student assignment, and it did not make sense to continue paying for the game’s servers afterwards when the game was not very popular, and the game was not made to generate income.

But this PDF is a compilation of my main contribution to the project, the story. The given reason players are taking photos of the real world is that they are interns for the Illuminati. The player that submits the best photos, and thus gains the most points, will be awarded a position in the new Australian Branch of the Illuminati, as an Intelligence agent.

The game’s full story can be downloaded in PDF form here.

Game Credits:

Coding & Server Maintenance:
Kaira Imer

Priyam Jain
Adam Kelsey
Aleksander Kony

Ethan Rivers

Asher Trigg

The featured image, the game’s logo, is courtesy of Ethan Rivers.

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