E3 2019: Everything From Devolver Digital

Okay. So that intro was weird. 4 minutes of executives arguing how to get Devolver Digital CEO Nina Struthers to present E3, when shes unresponsive. Brilliant. Funny. But downright weird. But here are the scoops:

  • There’s a trailer for something called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. It seems to be a video game version of stuff like the Wipeout TV series, where players are knocked out round after round of minigames until one is left. It comes out in early 2020 for PS4 and PC. The fall guys themselves look super adorable.
  • A weird promo for something called Devolver Bootleg. It’s a game that contains 8 bootleg versions of Devolver’s own games. Yes. This is real. It’s on Steam. These include (Oh god, a sub-list)
    1. Enter The Gun Dungeon
    2. Hotline Milwaukee
    3. Ape Out Jr.
    4. Shootyboots
    5. Luftrousers 6
    6. Absolvers
    7. Cat Game
    8. Pikuniku Ball-Stars
  • Carrion, a 2d “Reverse Horror Experience” where you play as a weird tentacled demon creature called a Carrion. Guess what you do? Have fun with those fleshy humans in 2020 on PC and Console. Until then,  enjoy this trailer.
  • Devolver is now making Arcade Machines. This is actually kinda cool- They’ve made Enter The Gungeon into a Light Gun game: Enter The Gungeon: House Of The Gundead. It comes into arcades in 2020. Here’s a promo for it.
  • 2D Ninja adventure The Messenger: Picnic Panic is apparently free DLC for a game called The Messenger. Well, The Messenger seems to hail from the era of classic SNES games, and is coming to the Switch, PS4 and PC on July 11th. Here’s a trailer.
  • ….There’s a game called My Friend Pedro. It had a 2D Pirouetting shooter, but then it zoomed out to show it on a giant TV, with a giant banana playing it. Called Pedro… Okay after researching this game, I can confirm this game is about pirouetting shooters. Don’t ask me why it has an anthropomorphic banana, there just is. It’s coming out on Switch and PC on June 20th. Perhaps you can make more sense of it’s trailer.

Complete that with another 4 minutes of weirdness ensuing between Nina Struthers and her Marketing Director, and that’s the Devolver Digital Conference. Anyone else confused about what just happened? Good, I’m not alone.

Image Source: Screenshot From Devolver’s Direct Video For E3, Specifically IGN’s Upload.

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