E3 2019: Everything From Bethesda

Okay, most of these presentations were fairly long with a fair bit of fluff, but I managed to catch the nuggets of information that you’ll be after. So, here you go:

  • The Elder Scrolls Blades is getting a new update that should be live right now, that adds Solo Arena Battles, a new “Custom Jewellery System” and a new dragon quest-line. A whole new Arena Mode will come out in Australia’s Spring, with PvP matches, Player Guilds and the ability to visit other people’s towns. Bethesda also announced that Blades is coming to switch, will be free, and will still have cross play. In addition to this, switch users can port over their progress from mobile and vice versa as they please. There is a trailer for this. There are apparently special rewards for mobile users tonight in celebration of E3.
  • Fallout 76 is getting HUMAN NPCS. FINALLY! The Wastelander’s update will add the much needed human NPCs, bringing with them a main story and dialogue trees. You know, what we play Bethesda RPGs for in the first place, even the trailer makes fun of it. That update will be free, and comes out in Australia’s spring. The other piece of Fallout 76 news was the new Nuclear Winter gamemode. This is a new Battle Royale mode that will let 52 players fight for the single position of overseer, of Vault 51. This, again, will be free for all players. Heres the glorious trailer.
  • Acclaimed Shinji Mikami and sprightly developer Ikumi Nakamura presented a new game announcement: Ghostwire Tokyo! It looks like a fantastic supernatural thriller, dealing with people vanishing in broad daylight, as you the player investigate why. There will apparently be encounters the Occult and Conspiracies, and you gain a hint of it from it’s trailer. Best of all, it seems to really differentiate itself from many other games, being set in modern day tokyo, looking both realistic, but vibrant and what I assume to be true to Tokyo.
  • Next was The Elder Scrolls Online, which recently launched Elsweyr. This section to an outsider, seemed very shallow, and uneventful. There was one weird cliffhanger cinematic, and announcement for two different DLC packs, Scalebreaker in august will add some dungeons to the game, and Dragonhold is the “4th quarter DLC”.
  • COMMANDER KEEN IS BACK! Commander Keen. Platformer from the nineties? Appeared as a secret in that one Doom level? Well anyway he’s back. Well, Sort of, On Mobile…Surprise? In all seriousness, Commander Keen is coming onto mobiles as a top down puzzle game, where you use specific gadgets to wipe your phone screen of enemies, as either Billy or Billie, Commander Keen’s twin children. There will also be a multiplayer 1v1 mode, where players attack eachother in real time with those same gadgets, in a sort of capture-the-flag mode.
  • Elder Scrolls Legends got a trailer for it’s mobile app version. Also apparently an expansion called Moons Of Elsweyr is coming.
  • Rage 2 is getting a new DLC pack called Rise of the Ghosts. This includes new cheat codes like low gravity, pilotable mechs, a skeleton motorcycle, more enemies (Check out that tremor-like creature!), a new questline and faction. Plus, a bizarre vehicle called The Armadillo- Pretty much a tractor with out the two front wheels and can run over enemies. It comes out later this year, here’s a trailer.
  • Wolfenstein got a minor update: Cyberpilot, the VR title, got a vague release window as sometime in July, with Youngblood getting another trailer, with it’s release date being revealed as July 26th. So not far away…
  • Arcane Studios announced their new project: “Deathloop“. We know little about the gameplay, but what we do know is that there is a trailer, and the story: Colt and Juliana are on Blackreef. An island full of insane people, where time loops a single day. In this way, nothing has consequence. There is no law. Juliana loves this, and wants the cycle to keep going. Colt hates it and wants the cycle to stop. they decide the only way to achieve their goals is to kill the other. But everytime they kill each other, the day restarts. Sounds interesting. But….Who are we playing as? Or do we choose? Do they actually keep killing each other or is that the trailer just being artsy and showing us what could happen? I just don’t know. I guess we’ll find out another time, because that’s all they gave us.
  • Bethesda also unveiled ORION. ORION is their new cloud streaming platform. Apparently, they are “icorporating ORION technology at the game engine level”, leading to “40% less bandwith” required than other streaming services, and can “stream game content 20% faster per frame, leading to a dramatic reduction in latency”. They essentially teased the ORION as being cheaper, faster, and being able to run on poor internet. On top of this, you’ll apparently be able to play games on your phone using this. They showed Doom (2016) running on ORION on the phone. FREAKING DOOM (2016)! LIVE! If you wanted to be a tester for ORION and play Doom (2016) on your phone, you can sign up at slayersclub.com.
  • Oh yeah, and DOOM ETERNAL GOT A NEW TRAILER. WITH A SPOOKY GOD VOICEOVER. On top of this, they showed more gameplay, as the Doom-Slayer went to a mostly overrun Mars. They also announced it’s multiplayer mode: Battlemode. It’s a 2v1 match, where 2 players play as demons trying to kill the player controlled Doom-Slayer. Demons can spawn AI controlled demons, and it’s touted as a strategy versus skill gamemode. They also unveiled a collectors edition with a Doom-Slayer Helmet. As a whole, Doom Eternal comes out the 22nd of November, this year. More information was promised for Quakecon.

So that was it for Bethesda. Some really cool stuff, some stuff that made me personally go “What the-?”, but mostly cool stuff.

Image Source: Screenshot from Bethesda’s E3 Conference, Streamed By GameSpot

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