Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Cockpit View

Rebel Galaxy Gets A Prequel, And Hey, The Ships Can Go Up And Down Now

Players will step into the shoes of Juno Markev, 34 years before the events of Rebel Galaxy.

Double Damage has announced in a new video that they are making a prequel for Rebel galaxy called “Rebel Galaxy Outlaw”. Players will venture back 34 years prior to the first game, and play a young Juno Markev, as she makes a name for herself as a renowned criminal of the galaxy. Some features that have been confirmed have been a large 21-hour long soundtrack consisting of Rock-and-roll blues, Bars that will have minigames for players, customizable ships, Armour and weapons, a variety of illegal activities including dog-fighting and smuggling, as well as the ability to finally fly up and down in a proper 3D Plane.

Some gameplay screenshots have been released in addition to the announcement: It will be “Cockpit-focused this time”, and won’t have fly-able capital ships. It’s been confirmed for a Playstation, PC and Nintendo Switch release in 2019.

Image Source: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw’s Official Site

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