Project Sol's Impressive Ray Tracing

NVIDIA’s Ray Tracing Could Revolutionize Gaming Graphics

Ray Tracing is the process of accurately emulating lighting physics, and how it hits certain objects. Essentially, it makes everything look way more realistic, and has needed to be rendered ahead of time. Until now.

NVIDIA has lit up the gaming industry with one graphics card: The NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000. How you ask? NVIDIA uploaded a video demo of it’s capabilities onto youtube, in a video entitled “Project Sol”. Have a look for yourself.

The results as you can see, are, jaw-dropping, especially when you realise that it all was rendered in real-time. This was not pre-rendered. This is possible to the fact that NVIDIA has managed to enable the functionality of Ray Tracing in it’s newest graphics cards. Ray tracing is a technique in which to render an animated video, the physics around light and it’s behavior is accurately emulated. This can normally take a long period of time, and would require a huge amount of processing power.

But now, NIVIDIA has shown to us, that real time rendering with this technology is in fact possible with high end PCs with their graphics card. This means that not only cut-scenes will look almost real, so too will the gameplay. At a press event, NIVIDIA also revealed that 21 games will be supporting this technology. Those games include Control, We Happy Few, Final Fantasy XV, Hitman 2 and Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

Some of the companies behind the games released demos of Ray Tracing in the games, as well as some others, such as a Star Wars themed one from Unreal, and a showcase of it working in actual gameplay in Crystal Dynamic’s Shadow Of The Tomb Raider.

In short, it’s very exciting for all gamers, after all, whose to say these wont be in next gen consoles?

What do you think of the demos? How awesome does this look? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: The Project Sol Showcase Demo


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