The Gannondorf Cosmetic Armour On The Barbarian

Diablo III Re-Release Confirmed For Nintendo Switch

I need more storage space.

Forbes accidentally leaked news yesterday that Diablo III: Eternal Collection, is in fact, coming onto the Nintendo Switch. The re-release of the beloved 2012 hack-and-slash RPG will contain both the Reaper Of Souls and Rise Of The Necromancer DLC, along with Legend of Zelda Themed items. These items include cosmetic armor that makes the player look like Ganondorf, a Tri-Force portrait frame, Cucco pets and an “Echoes of the Mask wing set.”

The game will have a few options for multiplayer: 4-player split screen, 4-players on separate Nintendo Switches “wirelessly without an internet connection”, or straight up online play when Nintendo launches it’s online multiplayer platform in September. Cloud saving will also be available for players to make use of.

The leak was caused when Reddit user, Riomegon, noticed that Forbes had posted an article confirming the game early. They subsequently screenshotted the article, and posted it onto a Reddit forum post. Forbes has since taken down the article. According to Kotaku, the news had supposed to have been under embargo until today.

This all comes after Blizzard announced yesterday in a video that they had “multiple Diablo projects” being developed. Earlier than that, in February, Blizzard tweeted a video of them switching a Diablo nightlight on and off.

Are you excited for the Switch port? Have you played any of the Diablo games before? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: The screenshots that Riomegon posted onto Reddit.


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