Young Nathan Drake In Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception

Official Uncharted Movie “Subject To Schedule”

Shawn Levy spoke to news site The Playlist about his work on Stranger Things Season 3, but took a moment to speak about Uncharted’s progress.

Shawn Levy, director of Real Steel, Night In The Museum and producer of the upcoming third season of Stranger Things, has said in an interview with The Playlist, that the Uncharted movie, out of his upcoming film projects is “closest to the starting line”. One of those upcoming films is a remake of the 1984 film Starman. Mr. Levy went on to say “We now have a very good script and we have our star in Tom Holland. That is now subject to schedule and additional casting.”

“But I would say as of right now, that seems to be the most near horizon. And it’s a movie I’m very excited about.”

This comes after last month’s fan-made short film adaption of Uncharted starring Nathan Fillion was released onto YouTube, and subsequently exploded with popularity all over the gaming community. Spiderman Homecoming’s Tom Holland has been confirmed to play a young Nathan Drake, and the story will be a prequel to the original Naughty Dog games.

The script for the film was finished last year by Joe Carnahan, who then celebrated by posting a photo of his computer screen, showing the front page of the script. Apparently, it’s “Beast”.

How excited/cautious are you of the Uncharted film? Have you seen any video game movies before? Have you seen anything else of Shawn Levy’s? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: YouTube Video: Uncharted 3: The Nathan Drake Collection™: Young Nathan Drake meets Victor Sullivan

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