Brady Camel, Community Manager For Diablo 3

Blizzard Confirms That “Multiple Diablo Projects” Are In The Works

Looks like we may have to stay awhile, and listen.

The developer of the legendary hack-and-slash series Diablo, Blizzard, has confirmed that the series is far from finished. Brandy Camel, associate community Manager for the Diablo development team, updated fans in a one minute video uploaded onto twitter. After mentioning that Diablo III’s themed seasons, of which this year’s Season Of Greed was the first, would become an annual occasion for Diablo III she said “We’d also like to let you know that the forges here at Blizzard are burning hot.”

“And we have multiple Diablo projects in the works. Some of them will take longer than others, but, we may have something to show you later this year.”

This comes after a series of rumors and stories have mounted over the last few months. You might remember that all the way back in February, that Blizzard’s twitter account had a video in which they simply switched a Diablo themed night light on and off.

Since then, Eurogamer has stated that their sources have said that Blizzard is indeed working on a Nintendo Switch port of Diablo III, despite Blizzard denying that they were developing it. In June, Blizzard was looking for a new creative director, who would “lead the Diablo series into the future.” It is however, still unsure even to these sources, whether Diablo III’s expansions: Reaper Of Souls and Rise Of The Necromancer, would be ported as well.

Late last month, Blizzard also announced that they would be producing a four-part comic miniseries, set in the world of Diablo with Titan Comics. The story was said to center on some scholars and crusaders, as they “discover the true origins of humanity.”

What do you think about this revelation? What do you think the projects are? Are you ready to go through Hell and back- again? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Screenshot from Blizzard’s video on the “multiple projects”.

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