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P.T Demo Remake Taken Down, Creator Given Internship

A teenage by the online username of Qimsar had to take down his remake of the P.T Demo, but in turn was offered an internship at Konami.

A work-in-progress remake of the P.T demo for Silent Hills was uploaded onto Gamejolt awhile ago, however, it was recently revealed that there will be no more work done on it. This was due to how Konami contacted the creator Qimsar, and asked him to take it down.

However, in a happier turn of events, Qimsar was offered to opportunity to take an internship with Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill developer. In a post on the remake’s Gamejolt page, Qimsar said  “I got a phone call that I was expecting at about 5:00 A.M. from someone who worked at Konami. He essentially told me that he was very sorry for being the bearer of bad news, but I would have to take down my remake. I was told that he and many other people at Konami saw and really liked my remake, but legit due to legal issues that were out of his or anybody else’s control really, he had to ask me to take down my remake project.”

“He said that with the legal mumbo-jumbo (that he and no other Konami employee really had control of, it just really do be that way sometimes) being over, he could essentially talk directly to me. He told me that my remake was popular (which from the way he spoke, it sounded like it was very popular) around the office and that because of my remake, Konami had a strong resurgence of a desire to make legitimate games again (as opposed to Pachinko machines, mobile games, sports games, (which, I guess they’re all ‘legitimate games’ but you get what I’m saying) etc.).”

…Intriguing. He continued, saying that he would be getting some Konami games and merchandise, but went on to talk about a “long-term benefit” they offered him. “It hasn’t been made super official or anything, but a freakin’ internship for me with Konami in which I would do stuff with Konami US, EU, and Japan. Internships tend to turn into jobs fairly often and for a 17-year old who isn’t even a senior in high school just yet, to get this for the very first game project that he’s ever worked on with 6 hours of prior UE4 experience (and a fair amount of Unity experience (35 hours give or take) but that’s irrelevant :P), that’s pretty good.”

The remake had reached it’s 0.9.2 update, and was about to launch the 0.9.5 update which would’ve added some more animations. Qimsar also noted that the take-down had come at a rather unfortunate time, as the next update after 0.9.5 would’ve added the final touches: bringing in some missing textures, cockroaches, lighting tweaks and the rain outside the house.

Although, it’s not every day a cease-and-desist letter ends happily like this.

Do you think Konami really is interested in making “legitimate games again”? What do you think of Qimsar being able to make the popular remake with the limited experience he had? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Silent Hill’s Gamescom 2014 Trailer.

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