Metal Gear Solid Movie Concept Art

Metal Gear Solid Movie Has A Finished Script

The film’s director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, has confirmed that the script has been finished.

In an interview with IGN, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts revealed that the films script, penned by Jurassic World screenwriter Derek Connolly, has been finished. When asked about the script, Vogt-Roberts said “I think it’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. It’s one of the coolest, weirdest, most Kojima things. Even being involved with it, I look at it as someone who was, like, I would make the hell out of this movie. But if I wasn’t involved in it, then I would still look at that script and be like holy sh*t!”

He later also noted later on, that whilst there hadn’t been many good video game film adaptions, there had been good films that felt like they could be based upon a game.

“I think both Snowpiercer and Edge of Tomorrow, essentially in my mind function, those are almost like perfect adaptations of video games that don’t exist…Edge of Tomorrow even, just the mechanics of it is so embedded in the idea of how video games work, like respawning and then continuing. And Snowpiercer, just the left to right progression through a stage and then going into new levels.”

Metal Gear Solid is celebrating it’s 31st anniversary this year, and to celebrate last friday, Vogt Roberts began tweeting a piece of concept art for the film adaption every day. This is to go on for 30 days.

They are certainly promising so far.

What do you think about the film’s progress? The Concept Art? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: The Day 3 Concept Art From Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ Twitter


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