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We Happy Few Rated R18+ For Austrailia

The Classification Board unanimously voted to overturn it’s initial decision, and give the game an R18+ rating.

Last month, the Classification Board announced that they would review their decision to not rate the game, due to the presence of the fictional drug “Joy”. The review came after both an appeal from Compulsion Games and outcry from the game’s austrailian fans. The Classification Board reportedly accepted “written and oral submissions” from Baker Mackenzie Lawyers who represented Gearbox Publishing, as well as Microsoft and 87 formal appeals from the public.

The report noted that “Although the non-playing characters appear to be happy due to their continual use of the Joy drug, the computer game quickly establishes that this state is undesirable and the playing characters are on a quest to avoid the use of the Joy drug.”

The board mentioned that, whilst at certain points, it is required that players use joy pills to pass certain sections, that “the benefit is short term and is followed by a loss of memory and a reduction in health points, the depletion of the body and/or withdrawal symptoms.”

“In the Review Board’s opinion, the use of the drug is not presented as an incentive nor does it constitute a reward for the player in achieving the aim of the computer game. In the Review Board’s opinion, the interactive drug use does not exceed high, therefore the computer game can be accommodated at R 18+.”

Soon after the decision was publicly released, the developers Compulsion Games stated on their official website that they “went to a great deal of effort to get this decision overturned…We are extremely pleased with the decision of the board and excited that our Australian fans and new players will be able to experience We Happy Few without modification. ”

The full board’s report is available here as a pdf, and the game will be released for Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux platforms next month, on the 10th of August.

What do you think about We Happy Few’s Rating? Are you planning to grab the game when it comes out? Join the discussion below.

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