Hammond The Hamster Piloting His Mech Suit

Overwatch’s New Hero Is A Hamster In A Mechanised Hamster Ball

He is supposedly one of the other creatures that was experimented on alongside Winston.

Last Tuesday, Overwatch developer Blizzard teased a new reveal with a quick preview of a metal ball rolling down an alley with graffiti of a monkey and the words “No Bots” on the wall. Most players were quick to theorise it would be a new hero, specifically a fellow primate companion of Winston’s from the Horizon Lunar Colony, Hammond.

Well we now know they were right, but he wasn’t a monkey like they thought. He’s actually a small Hamster, controlling a large mech that can transform into a large rolling hamster ball. HAmmond’s abilities in his mech suit allow him to place proximity mines, use a grapple hook to swing around the maps, a higher movement speed when he transforms his mech into a ball, as well as an ability called “Piledriver”, that allows him to knock an enemy into the air.

In a blogpost, Blizzard elaborated on Hammond’s backstory: Hammond secretly attached a capsule with himself inside onto Winston’s spacecraft when he escaped the Horizon Lunar Colony. But the capsule split off of the spaceship in the earth’s atmosphere, and landed in the austrailian outback,. From there he created his mech suit to compete in the Junker’s Scrapyard arena, won some prize money, and improved his mech to be able to leave the bush.

Hammond is now available to play as in the PTR (Public Testing Region), to play as him, simply set your region to PTR in the settings.

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Image Source: Blizzard’s Blog Post About Hammond

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