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PUBG Drops Lawsuit Against Fortnite

No reason has been given for the sudden withdrawal.

PUBG Corp has dropped it’s case against Epic Games Korea’s staff, and the lawsuit has been closed. PUBG Corp’s law representatives confirmed to Bloomberg that it had stopped suing Epic Games, but did not provide a reason for the move. Neither has Epic Games Korea.

The lawsuit had been put forward last month, with the allegations that Epic Games Korea had copied characteristics and ideas from PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Possible reasons for the lawsuit being abandoned include the fact that Chinese tech giant Tencent owns both PUBG Corp. and Epic Games, or that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds used assets from Epic Game’s Unreal Engine to develop PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

PUBG Corp. has sued in the past for games infringing on it’s copyright. It sued Netease for two of its games, Knives Out and Rules Of Survival, for basing the games upon PUBG Corp.’s ideas and concepts.

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Image Source: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Steam Page

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