Life Is Strange 2 Quietly Placed Onto Steam For Pre-Order

The first episode in the five-part will be released September 27th.

DONTNOD Entertainment recently released The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit for free online for PS4, Xbox One and PC, however, they also placed a store page on steam for the highly anticipated sequel to the smash hit 2015 original. In a tweet DONTNOD Entertainment stated that we can expect more information about the game in August later this year.

We already know that the game will possibly have a new set of cast and characters, treating the series as more of anthology series rather than an over-arching story, and that Captain Spirit will give clues as to what the story will be. The Steam Page simply shows a teaser revealing the logo and release date for the game, stitched onto what looks to be a handbag in bad shape.

The original game came out as a five part episodic game centring around the story of Max Caulfield, a teen who finds herself given the ability to rewind time, and must find a way to save her hometown, Arcadia Bay, from mass destruction in a tornado. All while catching up with her childhood friend turned charismatic, rebellious teenager Chloe. The game gained critical and financial success in 2015, spawning a prequel: Before The Storm, the new spinoff The Amazing Adventures Of Captain Spirit, and now it’s sequel.

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Image Source: Life is Strange 2’s Trailer On It’s Store Page. 

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