Everything That Came Out Of Nintendo’s E3 Conference


A new fast paced sci-fi Mech battle game was announced for the switch, with a rocking trailer, showing off some stylised action, of mechs with Jetpacks, swords and rocket launchers. It’s being made by First Studio with Unreal engine, and will be available sometime in 2019.


I’m not going to pretend like I know what they were talking about in the trailer, as is the case when anyone steps into an JRPG, manga or anime series. But already I can tell that this will be a colourful turn-based JRPG, with some Anime style art and world. Those odd metal suits that make the characters look like they’re controlling angels looks awesome, and I remember hearing about playable suits in XENOBLADE CHRONICLES X a couple years back on the WiiU, so maybe fans will get to experience that again. The highly anticipated sequel to the original on the wii The DLC for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is coming out on the Nintendo Switch in September, later this year.


Reggie Fils-Aime, President and COO of Nintendo addressed the audience to reiterate the new Pokemon games coming to the Switch on November 16th. He reminded us that the game would be multiplayer, including co-operative battles and in catching Pokemon, and how can we forget that the Pokemon can be transferred from the Switch to Pokemon GO? He also took the chance to remind us that a peripheral called the Poke Ball Plus, will act as a controller for the game, and can store a Pokemon inside for use in either Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee or Pokemon GO. Plus, the Poke Ball Plus will have a Mew Pokemon inside with it for use in either game.


We got a new trailer for a sequel in the popular spin-off franchise, and judging by the trailer, it looks like two Switches can be used for the game to create a game board, top down view for some games. The game still contains a four-player split screen mode, and is coming out on Switch on the 5th of October, later this year.


Little was shown to differentiate it from the other games, but this new one appears to be the same turn-based, grid-based strategy nintendo fans know and love, with a vibrant 3D world for the switch, for both on the battle field, and what seems to be a hub world for you to run around in and train your soldiers and knights. The game comes out some time in march to may, in America’s spring season, this year. A trailer can be found here.


As previously rumoured in one of our earlier stories before E3 commenced, Fortnite for Switch was indeed announced, but it won’t have any split screen multiplayer, despite the amount people sitting together on couches in the trailer. Also, according to news that came out earlier today, People who have logged into Fortnite on Playstation using an Epic games account, won’t be able to sign in on Switch, and vice versa. People who want to play on both platforms, have to make a separate account.

The good news? It’s free, and it’s available right now to download from the Nintendo eShop on the Switch.


Team17’s sequel to their acclaimed original game Overcooked has been confirmed. Reggie Fil-Aime mentioned that the game would have “more recipes, characters, kitchens, and white knuckled mayhem.” The game will have new tweaks and additions, like how you can now throw ingredients, kitchens that move around and transform into new areas as you play, as well as Local and Online Four-Player Multiplayer. Hooray! The game comes out on Switch, on August 7th, later this year.


This next game is a pixel art 2D action game from developer Liquid Bit, of which is actually a port of a game that had a quite the following apparently. Not only will there be a Two player battle for berries like the original, but there will also be a new online 4v4 battle mode, not in any other console version. The game comes out on Switch sometime this year.


Last year’s beautifully hand drawn action-adventure indie darling Hollow Knight, is now getting a Switch port as well. We already knew this was actually coming, as Nintendo announced it awhile ago now, but Reggie Fil-Aime revealed the game is available right now on the Nintendo eStore, with all of it’s previous DLC.


The pixel art turn-based JRPG that we saw at Square Enix’s conference was also shown off here, with a release date of July 13th set for the Switch, as well as a new demo that is going to be available to play, on June 14th… which is tomorrow. Huh, and save data from the demo can be carried over to the main game when it comes out. Neat.

Some games that got a quick mention in a montage:

Starlink: Battle For Atlas | October 16th

Arena Of Valor | America’s Autumn Season (September-November) This Year

MINECRAFT | June 21st


Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Donkey Kong Adventure DLC | June 26th

Pixark | America’s Autumn Season (September – November) This Year

Just Dance 2019 | October 26th

Dragon Ball Fighter Z | Sometime Later This Year

Splatoon 2 – Octo Exspansion DLC | America’s Summer Season (June – August) This Year

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker | July 13th

Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy – Switch Port | June 29th

Ninjala | America’s Spring Season (March – May) Next Year

Carcassonne | America’s Winter Season (December – February) This Year- Wait wait.

That probably means December guys.

FIFA 18 – World Cup 2018 Update | Available Now

FIFA 19 | September 28th

ARK: Survival Evolved | America’s Autumn Season (September – November) This Year

Wasteland 2 – Directors Cut | America’s Autumn Season (September – November) This Year

PALADINS: Champions Of The Realm | Available Now

Fallout: Shelter | Available Now

DARK SOULS – Remastered | America’s Summer Season (June – August) This Year

SNK HEROINES: Tag Team Frenzy | September 7th

Monster Hunter Generations ULTIMATE | August 28th

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus | June 29th

The World Ends With You: Final Remix | America’s Autumn Season (September – November) This Year

MegaMan 11 | October 2nd

Mario Tennis Aces | June 22nd


The game was introduced by Masahiro Sakurai, and promptly sent the Fan base into heart palpitations, when it was confirmed that EVERY. SINGLE. CHARACTER, that has been part of EVERY SMASH BROS. GAME, will be in ULTIMATE. Including… Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAKE! (Whom Nintendo has confirmed is being voiced by his original actor: David Hayter), Mega Man, Little Mac, Pac Man, Wii Fit Trainer, Pichu, Sonic among the rest.

The game as a result has various cross overs between Duck Hunt, Star Fox, Fire Emblem, The Legend Of Zelda, Bayonetta, Metal Gear Solid, Splatoon, Final Fantasy, and more. On top of this, some characters are getting some more alternate appearances and abilities, such as Mario, who now has some costumes from Odyssey. Or Link, who can be played wearing Breath Of The Wild’s Champion’s Outfit if you want. He also now has remotely detonated bombs and a new smash move involving his bow. Other characters that have had additions given to them include the Ice Climbers, Ike and Marth from Fire Emblem, Pikachu, Star Fox, Falcon, Ryu from Street Fighter, Samus, Snake and loads more.

However, when you start the game, you will have 12 characters to start off with, and will have to unlock everyone else as you play. Multiplayer is also having the huge 8-player battles return from the WiiU game.

There also whats called Echo Fighters, Fighters who have similar, but different, attacks to another fighter. Dark Pit is one of these, alongside newcomer to the fray: Daisy! Who will be an Echo Fighter of Peach. Another completely new fighter: Inkling from Splatoon! Bringing their Splattershot, blaster, Inkbrush, Slosher, Splat Bomb, Roller, as well as a Final Smash: Killer Wail. But players must be careful with Inkling, as they can run out of ammo, and will have to gain more Ink to fire by holding the B button over Ink on the ground.

And yes, Splatoon fans, the Squid Sisters also appear as an assist trophy item. Although it’s not the only new one. It’s also now possible to KO the characters that span from assist trophy items, by attacking them, which contributes to your end score with a point. Some assist trophy item characters however, will still be invulnerable to damage, like the Nintendog. New items have also been added, like a Black Hole (yes really), and a deployable fake Smash Ball (I can see this game is going to ruin as many friendships as Mariokart.)

There is also a myriad of new locations that provide as stages, inspired by both older and new games, with the graphics for returning locations being updated for the Switch. Stages also have alternate Omega and Battlefield Versions, which are the stages made smaller, that hover over a bottomless drop.

There are also some new tweaks to the gameplay in general, like Drectional Aerial Dodges, The ability to attack whilst climbing ladders, “Short-Hop attacks”, a “Perfect Shield” that occurs when you release the block button that requires careful timing, as well as the Player Character thats in the lead flashing with light on the stage every now and again, to tell players who is winning, “and more!”

They also unveiled a modified Gamecube Controller for the switch, with the Smash Brother’s logo on it, and that all fighter’s Amiibos will work with the game “even if they’re from a different series”, meaning any of Mario’s Odyssey Amiibo figurines, will work with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Data on these Amiibos from the WiiU version, will also carry over.

Oh. And Metroid fans: Ridley is joining the fray.

The game comes out next month, On the 12th of July, Only on the Nintendo Switch. If you want the full announcement video, here it is.

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Image Source: The Verge’s Report On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Roster

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