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Everything That Came Out Of Ubisoft’s E3 Conference


Just Dance 2019 was announced with a rather bizarre dance number, featuring a Panda with some very colourful people. Although, we got a release window: This October.


We got a new cinematic trailer, showing off some banter from the crew of the Godot, and featured an appearance of a giant spaceship, led by the original game’s protagonist: Jade. Although, it doesn’t look like she’s meeting them for pleasantries. They also had a demo for press people in private, but no word of course on what that was like.

We know that the main location of the action RPG will be The sacred city Ganesha. The game is in Pre-alpha, however, they showed some of the new city to the audience, describing it as “filled with sacred temples, beautiful gardens and bustling shops.” but also “rife with dirty bars, and dangerous back alleys.”

The game will feature both single-player and co-op, as well as both ground and space battles. On top of this, the developers revealed that they were launching something called “The Space Monkey Program.” The idea of which, is that fans can send the developers original art, music, radio conversations, and other media, for them to insert into the game and bring the world to life. To do this, they’ve partnered up with Hit-Record, to allow people to submit their art and media.

It was at this point, Joseph-Gorden Levitt, actor and founder of Hit-Record came on stage and explained more. “It’s not just going to be a thing, like a contest where people submit songs, and then we pick one or two, and we put them in the game: We’re gonna be really making the songs together and the same goes for the visual assets that we’ll be creating. So whether you’re a writer, a musician – an illustrator, if you’re a pro-level artist or someone who just really cares about Beyond Good and Evil, and that world and you love it and you want to be a part of it, there will be ways for you to contribute.”

More information will be available at a fan event: The BGE fest in sometime september-december (America’s autumn season).


They announced a few new Esports competitions, recapped some stats for the game, such as how the game now has 40 operators and 10 seasons worth of content, as well as the game having 35 million players. They also released a trailer for a documentary on it’s Esports scene called “Another Mindset”, coming out at Six Major Paris, from August 13th to the 19th.


We got a new sequel in the Trials series, complete with a trailer, showing off the fantastic obstacle courses and comedy the series is known for. They also had a flashy intro, which featured an accident at the end of it, of which I’m not sure if it was intended or not. Either way, they had a smashed stand and screen.

Thankfully, for us gamers who enjoy Trials, but are terrible at it, they have had youtuber and “elite player” Brad Hill, known for his “University Of Trials” youtube series, design all of the tutorials alongside some other players and developers.

They also announced a closed beta that people can sign up for online, that will be held sometime later this year. The game in full, will be available February next year, on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and the Nintendo Switch.


We got a new cinematic trailer, cleverly showing us the city of Washington as it is in the division, as we followed the path of a extraordinary paper aeroplane, considering how far it went. Once the main campaign ends, players will be asked to pick one out of three classes, Sharpshooter, Survivalist, Or Demolitionist.

Raids were also confirmed to be coming to The Division 2, that will be able to support up to 8-player online co-op. They’ve also already confirmed that there will be DLC after the game’s launch called episodes, injecting more story, areas and events for players to take on. But don’t get your torch and pitchfork out just yet, these “episodes” will be completely free.

They also did half an hour after the press conference, showing some live gameplay, viewable here


Donkey Kong Adventure, the upcoming DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle got a fresh cinematic trailer, with live on-stage music from Critical Hit, Conducted and Written by Grant Kirkhope. The DLC is available June 26th, later this month.


The highly anticipated pirate game from ubisoft got a new cinematic trailer, centering around the setup of the game on the indian ocean against the british navy and trading companies.

Gameplay seems to ask players to gain intel about ships, before attacking and raiding them. something called “Fortunes” were also revealed to have an influence on the game. These “Fortunes” will foretell changes in weather, trade routes, and the world itself. You’ll also have a Hideout, where you can customize your ship to suit a raid’s needs, changing the figurehead, wheel, loading cannons and rockets onto the ship.

You can also disguise your ship as a merchant vessel, adding a bit high seas stealth to the mix. The ship battles look like a astronomically improved version of Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag’s ship combat, complete with the ability to board ships when their health is low. You can also ask or invite other players to join you to help overwhelm the enemy. A gameplay segment showcased all of this. The game comes out in 2019, and there is an early beta people can register for on the games website.


Lord Of The Rings Actor, and Spectrevision founder Elijah Wood came on stage with Game Director Benoit Richer, to talk about the new VR title. The game will be a psychological thriller, about the player piecing together events from fragments of various family member’s consciousness and memory, in order to escape “a corrupted mind”. It’ll be available some time between September and December this year. A trailer is viewable here.


A sci-fi game was announced by Ubisoft last year called Starlink: Battle For Atlas, well that game made a return this year, showing off a new cinematic trailer. The game will be open world, and will use peripherals, models of spaceships, to allow the player to attach extra systems and tech to the ships via the real-life model, that is clipped in onto the controller.

But announced for the game… beloved sci-fi gaming hero Star Fox will make an appearance in the Switch version of the game. On top of that, Shigeru Miyamoto was in the audience, and was gifted by Yves Guillemot, CEO and Co-founder of Ubisoft, a prototype model of Star Fox’s ship, and small Star Fox figurine.

The game will be available October 16th, on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Today it was announced that starting today until the 18th of June, the PC starter edition of For Honor, will be given away for free on Ubisoft’s website through UPlay. Also, we now have new content on the way in the form of Marching Fires.

An upcoming update, will add “Chinese Wu-ling clan” fighters to play as, on top of the japanese samurai, Nordic Vikings, and European Knights. It will also add new mode “Breach”, a 4v4 scenario where one team defends a castle whilst the other tries to break in and take control.

The update comes out on the 18th of October this year.


An open beta was announced for the motor-sports racing game, for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC for the 21st of June, and the game is confirmed for release on the 29th. We were also treated to a new trailer.


We got a cinematic trailer for the hotly anticipated game, and we were told that we will be playing a mercenary, “to take on an epic quest, to save your loved ones, and become the legendary greek hero, greece desperately needs.” According to Jonathan Dumont, Creative Director of the game.

The game will take place during the peloponnesian war, which was the war between Athens and Sparta. The game’s story is “Shaped by your actions and choices, and the first choice you’ll make, at the start of the game, is to choose your character.”

You can play as one of two set characters, Alexios, or Kassandra, and play as them for the whole game.

You will also wield The spear of Leonidas, which seems to allow the player to have powerful swings and aim, and acts very much like an artifact Abstergo might hunt down, having extra force behind it. After the presentation, we also got a small gameplay segment. Theres also a minotaur judging by the end of the presentation montage. The game comes out October 5th this year on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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Image Source: Beyond Good And Evil 2 Trailer

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