Spiderman vs The Sinister Six

Everything That Came Out Of Playstation’s E3 Conference


We got a new gameplay/cinematic trailer after a haunting live rendition of the main theme, and in it we got a confirmed LGBT romance for one of the main characters. In case you haven’t finished, or even played the DLC for The Last of Us, and don’t want to see the trailer I won’t spoil for who. We also got a very meaty gameplay segment in the trailer, showing off some stealth and some brutal melee combat.


…is getting a new game plus mode. This was a little tid-bit from Shawn Layden, CEO of Playstation during a short intermission after The Last Of Us.

Some other games that got small trailers and mentions, most of which we’ve already seen, in the ad break:

-Call Of Duty 3 (New remastered maps coming to 3 if you pre-order the 4th one)

-Tetris Effect

-Days Gone

-Twin Mirror

-Ghost Giant, A PSVR title

-Intriguing Music Rhythm PSVR title Beat Saber

A Potentially Spoiler-y Trailer for Destiny 2: Forsaken


A new IP, set in feudal Japan, during the mongol invasion. We have few story details, but the story shows some brilliant graphics, wonderful gory fights, and what seems to be a gorgeous open world set in countryside china. It’s being made by Sucker Punch Productions, Known for their excellent InFamous franchise. Heres a long gameplay trailer.


A new game From Alan Wake and Quantum Break Developer, Remedy Games and 505 Games, makers of Payday 2, Abzu and Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons. Looks like it’ll be an interesting sci-fi shooter/thriller game, where you’ll play as a woman with telekinetic powers. It comes out 2019, on Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam. Here’s the trailer.


Yes, the rumours were confirmed, a Resident evil 2 remake is on the way, and we have new gritty trailer showing us all of the glorious upgrades that the gore-fest graphics have had. Plus, it comes out January 29th, next year.


Justin Roiland. You really are a gift to this universe. We have a new Squanch Games game, from the makers of Rick and Morty. We know little about Trover Saves The Universe, except that we have a trailer, that shows an upbeat, colourful platformer, that will be a Playstation 4 exclusive. Can’t guarantee it’ll be kid-friendly though.


Honestly as much as this game looks good, I’m starting to get sick of watching these trailers. Never thought I’d say that about Kingdom Hearts 3. Alright, we got a new trailer, only this time it showed a world based on Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as some extra entrances from some of the agents of The Corporation, like Axel. It comes out January 29th on Playstation 4… and theres a special Playstation Pro Kingdom Hearts 3 special edition available, plus a new package that includes all the remasters for all games in the series, only on Playstation 4.


Honestly, whilst this longer trailer did feel more traditional in that we learnt a bit more and was shown a bit more, I still feel like we know nothing about the game. We learn the main character’s name is Sam, and that there are at least three side characters, two mysterious women (one of which maybe is his wife?) and a man who talks to Sam over radio. The rest is gloomy footage of the player walking, or trying (and failing) to stealth by some…black ghost adult fetus? No matter what though, I am still looking forward to Hideo Kojima and Guillmero Del Toro’s intriguing game.


We got a teaser trailer for the game thats being developed by Team Ninja, a sequel to their Souls-y game Nioh. No idea when it’s coming out.


Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Vulture and Mr Negative have all been shown to be villains in the game, confirming that this will be, a story with an Insomniac version of the Sinister Six. A new trailer was shown, entailing a small excerpt of gameplay, as these villains break out of Jail, with Spiderman chasing them down, with some fun web-slinging and fighting.


Finally, a game revealed in the first few minutes of the Post-Conference show was a PSVR game, by FROM SOFTWARE. Seems to be set in late 1800s, with an artistic victorian look. No word what genre or gameplay will entail, but it certainly seems like it might take us on a trip. The trailer is here.

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Image Source: Spiderman’s Trailer

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