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Everything That Came Out Of Microsoft’s E3 Conference

Now because Microsoft often shows a slew of games, but talks about only a handful, there will be a list below of games, ordered by how much information we got. All games will have their trailers linked. Here Goes:

Halo: Infinite

ORI: The Will Of The Wisps

-NEW FROM SOFTWARE GAME: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Fallout 76 (new trailer showcasing the open world)

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Spirit, a game set in the Life Is Strange universe.

-Crackdown 3 (New trailer featuring gameplay)

-Nier Automata: Become As Gods Edition

Metro Exodus

Black Desert Online Xbox One Beta

Kingdom Hearts 3, showing off Frozen, Tangled, Monsters Inc. and Hercules

-Sea Of Thieves’ Upcoming DLCs, Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores 

We Happy Few

-Just Cause 4

Tales Of Vespiria: Definitive Edition (only version that will be released to western audiences)

-A new skateboard game was announced: Session, coming out as an exclusive to Xbox. A trailer can be found here.

DEVIL MAY CRY 5 was confirmed, and was given a spectacular reveal trailer, and is coming later this year.

-A new Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Trailer, who by the way, seems to have her classic blue singlet back.

-Cuphead was also given a new lease on life with DLC: The Delicious Last Course, featuring the legendary chalice, as a new player.

-Xbox Game Pass got a small ad break dedicated to it, having new games announced for it, like the promising Afterparty and an enhanced edition of Fallout 4 and some others.

-A new Gears of War game was announced but…. it’s a mobile game with pop figurine versions of the characters. It’s called Gears Pop.

The Division 2 got a new cinematic trailer, as well as a quick gameplay sneak peak, with the actors pretending to know each other just like in the original’s gameplay trailer.

BATTLETOADS is getting it’s first game in decades, and will have three player “couch co-op”, and will have hand drawn visuals, apparently in 4k. It’s teaser trailer revealed it’ll be coming out in 2019.

-We got a quick preview trailer of one of the war stories for Battlefield V, Nordlys, a war story centering around a young Norwegian woman who is a resistance fighter during the german occupation of Norway.

-Now for real, we got a new Gears of War game…. It’s a spinoff prequel for PC called Gears Tactics. It’s going to be a turn-based squad shooter game, set 12 years before the first game in the main franchise.

-New exclusive Tunic was also announced with a gorgeous trailer, featuring a wonderful synth soundtrack, and looks like it’ll be a love letter to old pixel-art RPGS like Legend Of Zelda, but with a 3D feel, but still retaining the influence of the classic art style the original Legend Of Zelda had, with a cute fox protagonist.

Dying Light 2 was revealed with a new cinematic trailer showing off the new world, and they had developer Chris Avellone, come on stage and explain the game’s choice system. These choices seem to affect the city the game is set in, and influence who travels through and lives in the city, as well. There are also some factions to side with as well from the looks of it.

PlayerUnknown’s BATTLEGROUNDS got a trailer for it’s new map “Sanhok”, coming later this year, as well as a new “War Mode”. Plus, a glimpse of a snow map or event for the end of the year. It was unclear, but we got a few seconds of someone walking through snow. Something not yet in PUBG.

Forza Horizon 4 got a wonderful trailer. Exclusive to Xbox One and PC. To be set in “Beautiful, Historic, Britain.” The game will have dynamic seasons, which really look beautiful and seemingly transform the entire map, freezing lakes for winter and letting you drive on it for example. Also teased was a “shared open-world” with the entire player base, will have a 60fps (Frames per second) mode, an in game chat system mapped to the d-pad, They also showed off the game in action with some players here. The game comes out in October 2nd this year on Xbox One and PC.

-Microsoft announced Five new studios to become part of their collective: The initiative, with former Crystal Dynamics Lead, Darrell Gallagher taking the helm. Next: Undead Labs, the developers of the State Of Decay Franchise. Playground Games: developers of the Forza Horizon series, Ninja theory: the team behind Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Heavenly Sword, as well as Compulsion Games, the creators of We Happy Few, have also become part of the Microsoft Studios collective.

Jump Force was announced and will have Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and wait for it… DEATH NOTE characters all fighting it out in a new fighter by BANDAI NAMCO! The trailer was jam-packed to the brim with anime characters and destruction, with a tease of Ryuk and Light from Death Note at the very end. But, Alas, The game releases in 2019 on Xbox One.

-NOW ITS GEARS OF WAR 5. You didn’t think you’d get it did’ja? We will follow Kait after the events of Gears Of War 4, we got a cinematic trailer and it comes out 2019.

-Finally, CD PROJEKT RED’S CYBERPUNK 2077 got it’s first trailer in five years, showcasing the world and what seems to be our main protagonist in a slick cinematic trailer, meshing together vibes from Blade Runner and Deus Ex, with some good ol’ synth music.

Now after that mammoth conference, I’m off to watch Bethesda’s conference.

What do you think of these announcements? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Cyberpunk 2077’s Trailer.

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