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Everything That Came Out Of EA’s E3 Conference

Battlefield V

The game got a new trailer, showcasing the graphics and story mode “War Stories”, which looks to be similar to Battlefield 1’s story mode. Movable Turrets that can be towed by vehicles, a more impressive environmental destruction system and a customizable look of vehicles and weapons were all announced to be part of the game. Once again, DICE confirmed there would be no lootboxes, no premium pass. Oh, and they confirmed that there would be a Battle Royale mode for the game. More Information was promised about the game at Microsoft’s E3 Conference.

A trailer that was released can be found here.


Fifa 19: A New trailer, UEFA Champions league tournament mode confirmed and Story mode “The Journey” will return. A very quick trailer here.

Fifa 18 will have a world cup event for free on all of it’s platforms. Fifa 18 also was revealed to have a free trial available through EA access.

NBA LIVE 19 trailer shown here, nothing else was shown of the game, sorry basketball fans.

MADDEN NFL 19 trailer shown, had two final players from MADDEN 18 tournament introduce the new game. Otherwise, not much more of note was announced, other than it will launch on PC for the first time in 11 years.


Star Wars: Respawn entertainment has a new game called Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Set between episodes 3 and 4. Coming out at the end of 2019, not much else is known.

Squad Mode, New Star-Fighter mode with hero ships dogfighting on the way for Battlefront 2. New heroes and villains also on the way: General Grievous, Obi Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Count Dooku, along with a new planet: Geonosis.


Unravel two was announced and will feature a co-op mode. In single player, you can switch between the two to solve puzzles, or have the first character piggyback the second. They showcased a level where you run away from a chicken seeking to peck at their yarn, that used platforming and smaller puzzles that required players to cooperate and help each other out. Unravel two is available now. A trailer can be found here.

New EA Original project: Sea Of Solitude from German studio Jo-Mei Games (pronounced yo-my) studios. Inspired by creators own experiences of loneliness. The game is about Kei, a young woman who after feeling so many negative feelings, turns into a monster, and seeks a way to turn back into a human. Seems to be an impressively beautiful puzzle/platformer with some interesting subject matter. A trailer can be found here.


EA Access was announced, will be a streaming service that will be launched for gamers to stream games to their devices. It will contain access to “The Vault”, which includes all of EA’s games, acting as a Netflix or Stan type platform for EA games.

Origin Access Premier is a subscription service that was also announced, that will give members access to new games as they come out on PC.


Top-down “Pre-alpha” isometric strategy game on mobile. Showcased with a live battle between two players in front of the audience. Coming to IOS and Android, however, Android has early access to the game via the google play store. A trailer is available here.


Casey Hudson, Mark Darrah and Cathleen Rootsaert answered some fans questions. The game is apparently designed so that story can be added into the game “for years to come” according to Cathleen Rootsaert. The story revolves a round “a world left unfinished by the gods, but the gods left behind their massive tools and are those tools are in constant conflict with an unknowable force called the Anthem Of Creation. And the chaos of those things pushing against each other means that the world is constantly being reshaped in new and unpredictable ways.”

These apparently include “violent storms, mutated creatures, giant monsters, an environment where you need to wear a suit of powered armour to be safe there.” according to Mark Darrah.

Kathleen later explains who players will plays as: “You are a freelancer, uniquely skilled to pilot these exo-, these javelin exo-suits. And you need those suits to survive and fight in this world because the world will kill you. But on top of that, our ancient rivals, the Dominion have, they’ve discovered a way, they think, to weaponise the anthem of creation, uh so we need to stop them to protect the free people of Tarsis. [referring to a location in the game mentioned earlier called “Fort Tarsis”]”

In reply to a question about what the term for the suits were, kathleen says “We call them Javelins,  uh, and there are four, and they each have uh unique abilities. There’s the ‘Ranger’, and then theres like colossus, the interceptor and finally the storm.” Apparently you’ll be able to switch between these suits to “suit your mood.”

Ranger seems to be like a standard soldier and Colossus is a tank type suit. However, they didn’t showcase too much about the other two. You will also be able to customise your javelin suits with different colours and pattens, as well as new gear. There will be microtransactions they said, but these are cosmetic only, and not loot-box based. “No lootboxes, no ability to pay-for-power” as Mark Darrah put it. They also showed some gameplay of a mission called “Scars and Villainy”, showcasing some flying, swimming, shooting and a giant robot monster thing. Anthem Comes out February 22nd next year. A cinematic trailer is available here.

Now, I’m off to watch Microsoft’s live stream.

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Image Source: Sea Of Solitude’s Trailer

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