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Everything That Came Out Of Bethesda’s E3 Conference


Bethesda started off their conference with Rage 2, specifically, an upbeat performance by Andrew W.K, which started a niuce upbeat party like atmosphere, for the bizarre game with bloodlust. We also got a new trailer, and an idea of who we’ll be playing as: Walker, The last ranger of the wasteland. On top of that, we also got some gameplay too.

The game looks like it will be a vivid, playful sci-fi shooter with a good sense of humour. It boasts a large open world, and a “If you see it, You can drive it” attitude to it’s vehicles. Some the gadgets and weapons keep up the fast paced, but whimsical feel as well, like a grenade that emits a blue field that repels you and enemies. The soundtrack of the trailer, also reinforces that party vibe. The game is expected around september to november (America’s spring season).


Next up: The Elder Scrolls Legends is said to be re-released on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4 with upgraded visuals, with progress on current platforms being able to be carried over to the new ones, via bethesda.net accounts. It also got a fresh trailer.


Afterwards, The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset got a follow up: Wolf Hunter, a “dungeon DLC” centered around werewolves. On top of that, another piece of DLC is on the way called Mirkmire. Set in the Black Marsh, players will venture back to the Argonian homeland, but no more was released. Then we got a trailer for Summerset.


They rebooted the franchise on mars, they sent you through Virtual F***ing Reality (yes thats what VFR stood for in the title), now they send you back TO EARTH, with DOOM: ETERNAL. Hugo Martin, creative director on Doom: Eternal, said that there are “twice as many” demons in this sequel to the 2016 hit. More information, was promised at Quake Con in August.


Quake Champions Community Manager Joshua Boyle announced a few competitive competitions for the game, but then threw the curveball that, the open beta currently available, would go free for a week on PC, but if you get it now, before the end of the week, Quake Champions, will be in your library, forever. Oh, and it got a new trailer, showing off some of the playable characters.


Prey is now getting a free update that will give players access to two new modes, New Game+, and Survival Mode. Also on the way is a new DLC, Moon-Crash. A mode where you escape the moon on what seems to be a perma-death type experience. Another mode coming along: Typhon Hunter. Typhon Hunter seems to be the Prey version of Garry’s Mod game-mode, Prop Hunter. The idea is simple. One player will hunt for five others in a Hide and seek situation. But the other five are mimics, able to turn into any prop within the world, like a chair, a mug, pen, anything. Later on, Pete Hines also said, that we can expect VR versions of Typhon Hunter, and a single player puzzle campaign set on Talos one.


Now, onto the next game in the Wolfenstein series. Wolfenstein: Young Blood, will centre around BJ Blazkowicz’s twin Daughters, in 1980s paris. Oh, and it’s co-op as a result and it’s to come out next year. Theres a trailer here. We’re also now expecting VR title: Wolfenstein CYBERPILOT, where you’ll hack into nazi machines, and use them against their creators.


Fallout 76. We got the trailer that we saw at the Xbox conference, showing more of the open world. We also got a short preview of inside Vault 76, as the player character left the vault, listening to the overseer say goodbye to everyone inside. The game has updated lighting, texturing and overall, has had a bit of a buff to it’s graphics.

The game will have new mutated animals, like some giant red-eyed frogs that were in the presentation and some other very disturbing creatures. It is also confirmed to be an online survival game, however, you can also play it alone if you wish. And, death does not erase your character, and your character isn’t liked to any server, theres apparently not even an in game server select menu to start off the game. It was only house a few dozen at any time on one server, so it won’t be like a traditional mmo with hundreds or thousands. You can however join in with friends, but you still retain your character and story progress.

On top of this, the settlement building returns, in the form of base building, where-ever players want, and can move it to anywhere they want, thanks to a new Vault-Tec system, C.A.M.P.S. But don’t get attached. They can be attacked by creatures and enemies, or, if a player can find their way to, get the launch codes and access military launch sites, be blown up with a nuclear missile. These irradiated sites, caused by player’s own hands, can also be home to new materials, but are also inherently risky, with plenty of radiation.

Bethesda will launch a beta, or Vault-Tec B.E.T.A (Break It . Early . Test . Application). They also announced a collectors edition, featuring a glow-in-the-dark map of the game world, figurines, and, a power armour helmet, with a working headlamp. The game, best of all comes out, on 14th of november, this year.

Fallout Shelter also got a little love for it’s three-year anniversary, and is getting a Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch version, and will still be free-to-play. And once again, like it’s original release, It’s already out.


A new mobile game also got shown, called The Elder Scrolls: Blades, and RPG with high grade visuals, tap to move and twin sticks controls. Combat is similar in that you can either tap, or swipe to attack. The game will return to the original Arena game’s routes, and feature procedurally generated dungeons as well as pre-built ones, plus, a beautiful outside world, unknown if it will be open world though. The game can also be played in portrait mode if you want.

It has three modes, Abyss, Arena, and Town. Abyss, is an rogue-like endless dungeon mode that lasts until you die. Arena is a multiplayer versus mode. The Town however, is the main mode, where you play as a member of an elite group for the empire called The Blades. Here you’ll quest and level up, but also build up your city, putting in decorations and new buildings. This will level up the town itself, and allow new NPCs to enter and do business inside it. Friends can also enter you town.

The game is coming “Phones, PC, Consoles also Virtual Reality on mobile, all the way up to high end VR on PCs”, according to Todd Howard. There will also, be cross-platform play. It’s coming sometime from september, to november, for free. Pre-Orders are available, now on Google play and IOS, as well as early access applications on playblades.com.


We also got a new reveal trailer and confirmation, for a previously rumoured new IP: Starfield. The first new original Bethesda IP in 25 years.

Also. We got a new teaser. It’s big. It’s highly anticipated.

It’s Elder Scrolls 6.

I’m just going to sign off on that bombshell.

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Image Source: Elder Scrolls 6 Reveal Trailer

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