Hitman 2 Trailer Screenshot

Hitman 2 Confirmed For This November

A trailer has also been released.

In a live stream earlier today that was hyped by IO Interactive and Warner Bro, Hitman 2 was officially announced and was confirmed for release later this year in November. The game will contain the assassination missions we’ve come to expect, as well as a new co-op mode.

From the looks of the trailer, set primarily on a race course, the series will continue the direction of the first game, allowing players to complete missions in a variety of ways, from sniping to explosives to good old pure ingenuity.

This comes after the Hitman 2 logo was leaked online through Warner Bro’s website, which was promptly circulated online.

Have you seen the trailer? Are you excited for Hitman 2? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Hitman 2 Trailer Screenshot

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