Gamecube Controllers For Switch

Gamecube Controllers On The Way For Switch

Reddit user Mew_the_creator revealed the new controllers that were sent to their workplace.

Pictures of Gamecube controllers were leaked yesterday. The images, which were uploaded to Reddit by Mew_the_creator, shows a pair of controllers modelled after the Gamecube controllers, inside packaging that suggests that they’ll be used for the Nintendo Switch. Although they are apparently being worked on by third party company, PowerA, They have also have the official nintendo seal, meaning they have been given the go ahead by nintendo.

In their post, Mew_the_creator said “Nintendo sent them to our facility to produce product layout for stores so the actual controllers aren’t in there, but the product is confirmed.”

It’s not surprising these would come out, considering that Smash Brothers for the switch is not far off, of which a lot of players tend to use gamecube controllers for.

So what do you think about the controllers? Are you going to grab Super Smash Brothers when it comes out?

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