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Square Enix No Longer Making Mobile GO Games

Premium games are no longer viable on the platform, and they will now work on free-to-play games.

Square Enix Motreal studio head Patrick Naud has revealed in an interview to pocketgamer, that the studio is no longer working on the GO series that used IPs like Hitman, Tomb Raider and Deus Ex. “I have to say no [we’re not working on other Go games], I’m sorry” Naud said in their interview.

“It’s one of the challenges we have today is the premium mobile market is diminishing. You’ve got more and more high-quality free titles so there are even fewer and fewer people inclined to try something that will not be free.” Later on, going further he says “The perception of choice makes it that even if it’s only $5, that’s too much.”

The last game in the series, Deus Ex Go, was released back in 2016. Since then the gaming industry has seen a slew of free-to-play mobile games, that still generate a massive amount of profit, so it’s not surprising that Square Enix Montreal would follow suit.

What do you think of Square Enix Montreal’s Decision? Did you ever play any of the GO games?Join the Discussion Below.

Image Source: Hitman GO’s Itunes Page

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