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Nintendo Investors In Shock After Share Value Drops

And nobody seems to know for sure why.

In recent days, there has been nothing but good news and hype over Nintendo and it’s incoming press conference for E3. Except for the fact that it’s shares just had the largest drop in shares they’ve seen over a two day period since 2016.

It apparently fell 4% on friday, then a further 6.3% on monday, according to Bloomberg. Analysts reported a number of calls asking about the drop in shares and the reasoning behind them. Whilst nobody knows for sure, some ideas have been Nintendo not reaching Investor’s high expectations for E3, the problems surrounding Nintendo’s handling of online multiplayer in recent months.

It is certainly perplexing, given the recent news that Fortnite may be released onto switch, and Pokemon Lets Go announcement.

What do you think happened? Are you excited for Nintendo’s E3 press conference? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Dualshockers Website


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