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Destiny Developer Bungie Receives $100 Million USD Investment

Bungie announced it would have a new partnership with chinese tech company, Netease.

Bungie announced friday that it would partner up with chinese tech and gaming company, Netease. Bungie’s games haven’t previously seen a release of their games in china, and Bungie CEO Pete Parsons said in a statement to “There’s no explicit deal [to publish our games in China]. It’s more that they share our passion for games, our passion for building worlds that inspire friendships and building communities”

Parsons stated interest from Bungie about becoming “global, multi-franchise entertainment studio” and that they wanted to eventually start self publishing. Parsons did state however, that their partnership with Activision for Destiny. “We have a great partner already in Activision. Activision is an amazing partner, has been an amazing partner, and remains an amazing partner for us. Destiny has been a fantastic experience for both groups.”

On the same day as the investment was announced, Mark Noseworthy, a Project Lead at Bungie, tweeted “Between this reveal and the upcoming e3, I think you’ll see Bungie has never been more committed to Destiny.”

As a result of the investment, Netease now has a seat on Bungie’s board of directors, and a minority stake. In a statement, Netease stated that they “are excited to partner with Bungie as they transform from a single franchise development team into a global, multi-franchise entertainment studio.”

Netease, founded in 1997, is well known for being a developer of email and advertisement software, as well as the chinese internet’s infrastructure, and have licensed western games for release inside China from Blizzard such as World Of Warcraft.

What do you think about this development? Are you curious as to what Bungie has planned for Destiny?

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