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20GB Patch Dropped For State Of Decay 2

It’s only been out for around a fortnight.

State of Decay 2 got an update last friday that was a large burden of 20GB to download. It was all devoted to the games highly criticised array of bugs. This meant players had to download a patch that was as big as the game itself.

Some of the patch notes included “Zombies no longer become immune to the Assault Kick”, “Resolved situation where, when getting into vehicles, the camera could become detached from the player’s character” and “Improved network vehicle interactions in multiplayer games to address weird “rubber-banding” and physics issues (including cars flying into the air).” among others.

It came out on the 22nd on the Xbox One and PC, with mixed, but mostly positive reviews, however, the bugs were noted in many reviews. It got a 70 (PC) and 68 (Xbox One) on metacritic.

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Image Source: Could State of Decay see a steam release?

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