Assassins Creed Odyssey

Assassins Creed Odyssey Announced By Ubisoft

It started with a merchandise leak.

Ubisoft has announced this morning the follow up to Assassins Creed Origins, as Odyssey, a game to take place in ancient greece. According to various news sites such as and Kotaku, their sources say that the game will feature dialogue choices, as well as the ability to choose between a female and male protagonist.

It’s an interesting change, as fans of the series will be well aware that the story entails reliving ancestors memories, meaning that these new additions would seem a little unfitting. It will be interesting how they work within the story, and what is influenced by your choices.

According to, two of their sources have said that the game will come out before the end of Ubisoft’s fiscal year. Meaning before March 31st 2019. If this is true, we may be looking at Ubisoft returning to an annual release schedule for the Assassins Creed franchise. Either way, we know that we will see it at E3 thanks to Ubisoft’s announcement teaser.

It all started earlier today, when french site Jeuxvideolive, leaked an image of a keyring promoting Assassins Creed Odyssey. It was later confirmed by Kotaku, who also published a separate image of the keyring from one of their sources.

Image Source: Ubisoft’s Twitter Announcement

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