Atari VCS

Atari Launches New Classic Console, Demand Crashes Indiegogo

It’s not even released yet.

Atari today started to allow gamers to preorder their Atari VCS and according to Gizmodo, the demand for the console was enough to make Indiegogo bend under pressure. The Atari console was slated to have preorders to start some time this year, and have said the consoles will be shipped out early 2019.

The console, which contains 100 classic Atari games, is priced at the moment as $199 USD, with a “collectors edition” at $299 USD. Atari has said that the console can also download or stream more games down the line that Atari puts on offer.

On the Atari VCS’ original Indiegogo page, Atari said “…There are classic arcade games, plus the latest modern and Indie PC titles from a wide variety of independent developers.” As a result it sounds like you will be able to play new indie titles that are made for PCs. The original campaign asked for just $100,000 USD, but garnered $1.9 Million USD.

It’s designed to look like a retro console, but is said to have 4k resolution support, and a custom CPU from AMD. It also supports USB or Bluetooth mouses, keyboards, controllers and headphones.

Have you played any Atari games? Does this console interest you? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Atari VCS Announcement Video 

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