Three Pokemon Games Announced For Nintendo Switch

One of them is coming to mobile, and will be free on both platforms.

Nintendo announced today in the 2018 Pokemon Video Game Press Conference that we can expect three Pokemon games this year. One of them, Pokemon Quest, is actually available right now on IOS and the Nintendo Switch. Best of all, it’s free-to-play.

It has a blocky aesthetic similar to that of Minecraft and Cube World, and calls it’s Pokemon “Pokexel”. According to a statement from GAME FREAK, the game will have you “hunting for treasure, battling with wild Pokémon, discovering unexplored territories, and even cooking tasty treats to tempt new Pokémon to join your party.”

On top of this little gem, Nintendo also announced Pokemon Lets Go! Pikachu Edition and Pokemon Lets Go! Eevee Edition. A trailer has also dropped for them both. The two games will be a remake of Pokemon Yellow, one of the original Pokemon games on the Game Boy.  Junichi Masuda, creative director on the project, said “Lets Go! Pikachu and Lets Go! Eevee are kind of inspired and based on Pokemon Yellow Version, They had added elements from the animated series, like Team Rocket and the characters that appeared in the animated series.”

These games will also only have the original 151 Pokemon, nothing after Gen 1. Players will return to Pallet town, and will have either a Pikachu or Eevee following you in the world and be on the mini-map, depending on what version you have.

It’s also worth noting the throwing swipe mechanic from Pokemon Go has also made it across to the Lets Go! games. There will also be a way for you to transport Pokemon to either one, as long as they are Gen 1 Pokemon, through a bluetooth connection. However, Junichi reportedly said that there would be no trading between players for Pokemon.

Are you looking forward to these games? Have you played any of the prior Pokemon games? What’s your opinion on them? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Geek Ireland Pokemon Slideshow 

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