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Star Citizen Prices Legatus Pack At $27,000USD

But you have to spend $1000USD to even look at the product page.

A new content package was made available for players of Star Citizen, the huge sci-fi mmo. It gives the buyer 117 ships in-game, and 163 extra items, including codes to download the game. All of these ships can be earned in-game without spending a cent, and to pilot all these ships, you would need a massive amount of people working with you in some sort of alliance or group.

Star Citizen isn’t even officially released yet, but at alpha it already has some popularity and is available to download. It’s kick starter campaign asked for $500,000USD, and backers gave them a little over $2 Million USD.

Funnily enough, this isn’t the most expensive DLC for a game ever. That would go to Saints Row 4’s Wad Wad edition, that went on sale for $1 Million USD. It included at the time, gift cards for plastic surgery, a real life replica of the in game dub-step gun, and a “Hostage Rescue Experience.” as well as some other things. Oh, and the game.

Whats the most expensive DLC you’ve bought? Have you thought about playing Star Citizen? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Concept Art World 

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