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PUBG Vs Fortnite, Titan Battle To Head To Court

The two Battle Royale giants are having their own knockout round.

PUBG Corp, is suing the Korean staff of Epic Games, alleging that Epic Games Korea’s Fortnite copies characteristics and ideas from PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds, and is pursuing copyright claims.

It is interesting to note that both companies are owned by chinese tech giant, Tencent Holdings Ltd, and that Epic Games actually provided Unreal Engine assets to PUBG Corp. These assets was used to help make PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds.

“This is a measure to protect our copyrights.” PUBG Corp said in a statement to Bloomberg. It’s not the first time PUBG corp has sued, it did so with Netease Inc in april earlier this year. PUBG Corp alleged that two of it’s mobile games (Rules of Survival, Knives Out) were based upon the same ideas as PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds. That case is still ongoing.

At the time of Fortnite’s rise in February, Epic Games announced it had reached 3.4 concurrent players on Fortnite servers, breaking PUBG’s record for concurrent players of 3.3 million players. PUBG has since had around 1.5 million concurrent players.

Popular twitch streamer, Ninja, switched from PUBG to Fortnite earlier in the year. On tuesday, Fortnite had 260,000 viewers, around half of which were watching Ninja. At the same time, PUBG had about 27,000 viewers.

Also, even though Fortnite is free to play, it does contain microtransactions, and has earned 296 million in april alone through these microtransactions. According to Steamspy, PUBG has been bought by 44 million people, possibly earning around 1.3 billion.

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Image Source: PUBG’s Steam Store Page 

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