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Ted Dabney, Co-Founder Of Atari Passes Away

Ted Dabney passed away at the age of 81.

Ted Dabney, Co-founder of game company Atari, has passed away aged 81. The news was broken on a Facebook post from Leonard Herman, author of the video game history book series, Phoenix.

Dabney was incredibly involved in 1970s with work on Computer Space, one of the arcade machines that adapted Spacewar! After creating the Arcade game, Dabney and Nolan Bushnell invested $251 USD into a little company, now known as ATARI. A year later, when they became a success because of Pong, Dabney left the company. He said at the time that it was because “he disliked running a large business.” and gave his shares in the company to his partner, Bushnell.

Later on however, he alleged that Bushnell pressured him to sell him his shares, saying “Nolan had told me that if I didn’t sell out he would transfer all the assets to another corporation and leave me with nothing anyway. So, you know, might as well sell out.”

However, their friendship continued, and Bushnell continued to have Dabney to make games for him for his second investment, The Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Time Theatre.

Safe to say Dabney has had a lasting legacy in the video games industry, building arcade machines himself, and helping to build one of the first heavily influential video game companies, of all time. My condolences to his family and friends.

Image Source: Computer History Museum

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