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Killer 7 To Be Re-Released Onto Steam

Grasshopper Manufacture have announced that Suda51’s classic 2005 game is going to be remastered.

Grasshopper Manufacture has announced at the Momocon 2018 expo, that the Gamecube and Playstation 2 classic is getting a PC port, and a trailer has been dropped for the remaster. Killer 7 will be released on steam in “Fall 2018”. For my fellow Aussies, that means around Q4 of this year.

The game will not be remade from the ground up, but instead will still contain “the game’s simple models and colours” that “scale nicely to modern resolutions.” It will come with keyboard and mouse support, but the current steam page has no specifications for hardware.

Some are confused over a shot in the trailer however, which shows a FPS counter that is used in the popular Gamecube emulator Dolphin.

No word yet on why it appeared in the trailer.

This comes after Let It Die, another Suda51 game had an event that included items and quests that were themed around Killer 7, starting up speculation that Grasshopper software would announce something about Killer 7.

Killer 7 was released on Gamecube and Playstation 2, and has a metacritic score of 74 (Gamecube) and 70 (Playstation 2). Killer 7 is expected to be for sale later this year on Steam for PC.

Did you play the original Killer 7? Are you excited about this new remake? What do you think the deal is with the FPS counter? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Killer 7’s Steam Store Page

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