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Valve Says That Apple Blocked Steamlink

Valve is alleging that Apple is blocking the release of it’s Steamlink app on the app store. 

Valve have alleged that Apple backed out of allowing Steamlink to appear on the app store. The original plan was for it to release on May 7th, but Apple backed out, apparently because of “Business conflicts with app guidelines that had allegedly not been realised by the original review team.”

The Steamlink app is a mobile app that allows steam users to stream their steam games from their PC to their phones. The app is already available on Android phones as a Beta version, with an average score of 4.2 stars on it’s review page on the Play Store.

The Steamlink app was announced earlier this month with some excitement from steam users, and Valve has said that they have appealed to Apple to let the app onto it’s store for iPhones and iPads.

Have you already got the app on your android? Are you waiting for it on iPhone? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Screenshot From Steamlink’s Reveal Video

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