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Steam Under Fire For School Shooting Simulator

Oh boy. Nobody tell the breakfast talk shows.

Valve is under fire for allowing a game called “Active Shooter”, that allows players to participate in a school shooting, onto it’s store. It’s timing has particularly been criticised, as just a week ago, there was a shooting at Santa Fe High School in texas, which resulted in 10 deaths and another 13 injured.

The game is set to release June 6th, and allows players to either control the Shooter, or one of the SWAT team going in. They also state on their store page, that a “Civilian survival mode will be added within [the] first 72 hours of release…”

Since receiving criticism over the game, ACID, the publisher of Active Shooter, have stated that “this game does not promote any sort of violence, especially any sort of mass shooting.” and said that “After receiving such high amount of critics and hate, I will more likely remove the shooter’s role in this game by the release, unless it can be kept as it is right now.”

Infer Trust, a UK based charity is placing pressure on Valve to take the game down. A spokesperson said “It’s in very bad taste, There have been 22 school shootings in the US since the beginning of this year.” and “We’re appalled that this game is being marketed.”

Only time will tell what Valve will do about the game, and if the game will have the Shooter role removed, or not release on Steam.

What do you think? Do you think this game has taken it too far? Or should ACID be okay to release this game? Join the discussion below.

Image Source: Active Shooter’s Steam Store Page 

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