Kindred Spirits

MangaGamer Places It’s Erotic Visual Novels On GOG

MangaGamer PR Director John Pickett said it was “threatening the livelihoods of visual novel developers everywhere…”

After Steam started emailing developers of such erotic visual novel games like Huniepop and Kindred Spirits, that their games may be taken off their store by the end of the month, Visual novel publisher, MangaGamer, has placed it’s library of games on Steam’s competitor, GOG.

Even though Steam has since said that these developers will not have their games removed, MangaGamer says it is still hoping to sell it’s games on other services. Already, games such as Fault, Sunrider, Hirugashi When They Cry and eden* have been confirmed to be arriving on GOG, with another nine in negotiation to be added to the store, including Kindred Spirits.

John Pickett, PR Director for MangaGamer said in a press statement said it was “threatening the livelihoods of visual novel developers everywhere”, that “Steam has now proven that it’s growing unreliable for small and independent developers,…” and that it was “A huge relief to see GOG opening their doors to these games.”

How do you feel about Steam’s approach to erotic visual novels? Do you play any of MangaGamer’s games? Join the discussion below.


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