John Peter Bain

Game Critic Total Biscuit Passes Away

The Renowned Game Critic was only 33.

Starcraft commentator and Youtuber John Peter Bain, otherwise known as Total Biscuit, has passed away from bowel cancer. It had been diminishing, but his illness returned a year later, and spread to his liver. He announced a month ago that he was retiring from Game criticism, due to health issues. Since the news broke out, many people have paid their respects, including his wife, who attached a poem to her tweet.

For those who aren’t aware, Total Biscuit was a British game critic and youtuber, also going by the name “The Cynical Brit”. Known for being an advocate for smaller indie developers and games, he was a well respected figure in the gaming industry. My condolences to his wife Genna Bain, and all of his fans and followers.

Image Source: Yogscast Wiki Page 

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