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Far Cry 5 “Hours Of Darkness” DLC Annouced

It’s going to be set in the Vietnam War.

Far Cry 5 developer Ubisoft has said that we can expect Far Cry 5’s first DLC, on June 5th this year. The DLC is called “Hours of Darkness”, and is set during the Vietnam War. You’ll play as Wendell “Red” Rendler, who is actually a character in the main game’s open world, found in the Holland Valley. As Wendell, you will be trying to “rescue his fellow squad members from hostile forces during the Vietnam War.”

Also included in “Hours Of Darkness” are some new abilities and items, as well as two modes. “Survivor Mode” which places restrictions on the player’s weapon load-out to make the game harder to complete, and “Action Movie Mode” which allows the player to hold more guns than usual, allowing for a more non-stop action type of playthrough.

Ubisoft has also already released some assets from “Hours Of Darkness” for the in-game’s map editor, in a free update. The other two DLC’s, “Lost in Mars” and “Dead Living Zombies” are scheduled for a July and August release respectively.

Far Cry 5 is available on PS4, PC and Xbox One, and has a 81 (PS4), 82 (Xbox) and 78 (PC) on metacritic.

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Image Source: Screenshot from Hours Of Darkness’ Trailer 

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