Allo’ There!

The name’s Asher “Tromulous” Trigg, I’m a 17-year-old Australian teen, with an inexplicable English accent that loves all things gaming. Seriously. I’ve been obsessed since primary school. As a kid I adored Good Game Spawn Point, a kids show that reviewed video games every week. By the time I was 12, I had completely transitioned to their Adult show: Good Game, which also reviewed M, MA and R18+ games. In fact, up until 2016, I continued watching their show, and their daily YouTube channel Good Game Pocket. Sadly, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) decided to axe them at the begging of 2017, finishing the show after their ten year anniversary, prompting people to “#bringoutyourcontrollers” in protest. As much as the show has finished, I still watch old episodes to this day, and follow good old Bajo in his YouTube channel. For me, these guys were and are still, my role models and I have huge nostalgia for them.

In fact, it is these guys that made me seriously consider Games Journalism as a possible path, and I am so glad for it. So Bajo, Hex, Junglist, Bindy, Dave, Goose, DARREN (or whoever his voice actor is, your real name eludes me still today) Nichboy, Rad, Hingers, Pete, John, Baby Sam, Sonita, Eliot, Janet and the rest of the Good Game Crew: If you ever read this, I cannot thank you enough for making my childhood, enriching my life in general, being the wonderful people you always have been, and for inspiring me to become a Games Journalist/Critic. Seriously, You guys all rock and deserve the highest respect. I adore you all. I miss Bajo’s hilariously disfigured character creations, Hex’s Witcher fascination, your banter, your sense of humor.

Another huge influence for me, is the Yogscast. I have been obsessed with them ever since Grade Four when they made Minecraft Mod Spotlights, I loved Simon’s silliness and sense of humour, Lewis’ attempts at trying to keep everything on track, and everyone else with them. Special mention to Kim and Hannah’s fright night series, it is something, not unlike Good Game, I re-watch even now after it stopped years ago. Yet again, to everyone in the past and present Yogscast crew, Simon, Lewis, Hannah, Duncan, Kim, Martyn, Sips, Ridgedog, Rythian (You in particular introduced me to my favorite game of all time, Bioshock Infinite), Zoey (It is so nice to see a fellow LGBT gamer, and as another awesome role model), Zylus, Ben, Tom, Parv, Turps, Trott, Ross and Smith, I love you guys.

To both of you two groups, you made my childhood, you still entertain me today, and I am so glad I saw you both. I would not be the same person without any you. You are all hilarious, wonderful entertainers that I will never- have never forgotten.

As for this website, I made it as place to practice games journalism, building up a digital portfolio. Relaying the latest news in gaming, along with some other tid-bits, at least when I’m not eating, sleeping, studying or just relaxing with a controller or keyboard in my hands.

I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy this site and that it will be of some use to you.

Kindest Regards,